5 Tips to Help You Grow Your Business

What’s up, guys? Are you? I am about to watch a video from a business meeting Q and A session I had in Singapore a couple of months back. I t that there were some severe serious details in there that many of you could benefit from. Thus I’m making this Silly little intro video to have you enjoy the rest so that this video is Super excited about. It would love to see your comments down below on what you’re getting out of this video, as I try to continue to listen and build, so I can bring you more content.

The whitening, creating, listening, and creating leave your two cents ione-womanments. Thank you for watching to afford somebody else to help you immediately) At all. It is  humbling. (upbeat music) You have to do them all. You’re a one woman show. Your number one move is to immediately afford somebody else to help you, your number one move, everything in your life, how you live, what you buy, what you spend your time on. When I first built”      businesses, I made no money, none. Building my dad’s company in my twenties, I lived in a shitty apart; I took $35 000.00 a year for the first three years.

– Yeah. – You have to love the process. Everything’s easy for me because I don’t care what people think. I prefer everybody to think I’m going to fail. – 21 years for success.

Uninformed, okay. So, no patience; the reason I get through everything is I want. The pain I enjoy the process, I have the patience, and I don’t care when I have setbacks. I know I’m asking for something special; it should be tricky if you ask for something unique. Okay, true Like why are you entitled to be a millionaire In America? One of the wealthiest countries in the world, the top one percent at the bottom of the top one percent – you make 440 000 a year. If you make $ 440 000.00 a year in America, you are in the one percent earners in America:

Most people need help understanding what it is to do. A million Everybody thinks everyone should do a million. I laugh at a million 99 % of the people watching this video right now or 31 years. From now, everything will be online will never taste a million 99 % of you. Now, when you internalize that all of a sudden now, you’re gon na respect what you’re asking

I want people to respect their audacious ambitions more ( upbeat music); you scale it through more people and executions.  Now what happens is a lot of people? Try to talk people out of the service business and say, especially in a market like this; you must build technology. You have to do this because that’s theoretical.

I think you’re right. You need to think about if you are going to build technology between an influencer and their audience. You are staggeringly vulnerable to Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Like staggering Your features, they’re all gon na be features. Look what happened with stories on Instagram Influencers lived on Snapchat as well; one part and they move so quickly. Anything a third-party vendor offers that becomes something the platform offers will die immediately.

Because in four years, when organic will still matter, but the ads cost $ 88.00 to get in front of 1000 people instead of seven people, we are gon na regret not spending on the ads.

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