BOLD Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells

– Hi, everyone. And welcome, day two in EPIC Endgame And today it is upper body workout. All you’ll need for
today’s workout is your mat and some dumbbells. The numbers I’m using, for your reference, are 17 and a half kg each. However, I will reduce to six kg each at certain points throughout the workout. We’re going to be targeting the chest, the back, the shoulders,
and of course, those arms. The timer’s going to be
on today for one minute of each exercise with a 30 second rest. There is a staple, as you can
see here, our diagonal rears. So it’s in between an actual lateral raise and a frontal raise. About 45 degrees in front. Remember to keep a slight bend
in the elbows as you raise, keep the wrists in line
with the actual forearm, keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Slightly bent knees, and brace that core, looking straight ahead. As with every single strength
workout in all the programmes, go at your own pace.

Go Slow And Control That Dumbbell

Go slow and control that
dumbbell at all times. In regards to breathing,
number one, just breathe. However, if you’re using heavier weights during such as the rows
and the chest press, exhale during the hard part. So inhale as you lower,
exhale as you press. Due to the fact that each set is actually one minute duration, you may get up to 15 reps completed. But try to make that last
rep as good as the first. Also another little tip
as you can see here, the skull crushers, if you’ve
been joining me before, you probably have seen the
tips on screen, however, just want to actually highlight. When I’m doing the skull crushers, there’s different variations
of skull crushers, of course, that you can do. But the way I like to do them, I actually like to look at my upper arm. So I like to actually watch and make sure that that is not moving. I really try to resist whilst
also keeping the elbows in. So, I’m essentially perpendicular
to my body at all times and I’m trying to keep my elbows in.

Bring Dumbbell Up Without Flaring

So as I lower, I bring it up without
flaring the elbows out. It is a lot harder than it looks. Just take your time and focus
on quality over quantity. In regards to pushups,
as you can see here, here is a simple alternative to allow you to progress over time. Simply perform pushups
with hands on a chair or an elevated surface. Remember, quality over
quantity once again. And the finisher today, 100
reps of our frontal rears. We’re only going to be using one dumbbell and the dumbbell I will
be using is only six kg. I will be keeping my shoulders down, slight bend in the arms at the elbow. So my arms will pretty much be straight, just not locked out. My knees will be soft, and
my core will be braced. Even though it’s a hundred reps, we’re simply not just
going to fly through these. We will control at all times, even though we’re going
at a slightly faster pace than may be normal.

So you might end up doing
for example, 30, 40, or 50 reps without stopping. But I expect then after that to maybe stop every 10 or 20 reps. Go at your own pace. And of course, if you do finish before me, you can begin your stretching. Or if you finish after me, simply join in the
stretching when you finish. So this is day two in 50 workouts. If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can subscribe, it’s completely free. And it means that you
actually get notifications as to when the next workout appears. We’re going to feel amazing
after this, let’s go..

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