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DIY to get rid of uneven skin tone | Dr. Hansaji

Namaskar Our face is the most exposed part of our. Body to environment It is also the least covered part of your body Hence psychologically we care for. Its appearance, than any other body part Everyone, wants, to flaunt a flawless skin we also. Want to feel fresh and have a clear skin, but we may have an uneven skin tone.

An uneven skin tone is caused because of excess pigmentation of the skin also called as hyper pigmentation. This is the cause of excessive melanin production. Excessive melanin production may be because of exposure to sun hormonal changes, age and medication. How to get rid of this uneven skin tone? We are going to see some natural way of overcoming this uneven skin and 1 1 Exfoliate.

You can exfoliate your face to remove the uneven tone in your face You, can try the combination of, tea spoon neem powder tea spoon tulsi powder 1 table spoon multani mitti and: rose water Mix, these ingredients well to make a paste of, it and rub, it in Your face, Let it stay in your face for 20 minutes and when it catches your skin tightly, then wash it with hot water and then pat it with cold water, Multani mitti being high in magnesium chloride.

It has cooling properties that can heal sunburns and remove the dead facial cells and makes it radiant. Neem and tulsi powder shrinks large pores and works as an exfoliating agent to pull out impurities and tighten pores, Thereby removes whiteheads and blackheads effectively Make sure you don t exfoliate your skin in excess, as it can harm your skin. You can do it once a week.

Ideally, 1 2 Minimize. Your exposure to hot sun Exposure to sun has been one of the major cause of for uneven skin tone. Sun exposure is essential for its various other benefits, but our exposure should be limited to only early morning. Sun, Exposing yourself to hot sun, can cause damage to your skin and make it potentially uneven.

1 3 Yoga aasan. All yoga aasana, which improves blood circulation to your head works wonders in facial issues. You must do aasanas like 1 1 Sarvangaasan, 2, 2, Hastapadaasan, 3, 3. Yogendra chakraasan These aasanas increases the blood flow to your facial region and helps the skin to heal on its own 1 4 Essential nutrients. 1 1.

Give enough Vitamin C to your system, which can heal skin blemishes. Oranges, lemon sweet, potato, kiwis and lemons are good source of Vitamin c. 2 2 Consume foods high in vitamin E, which can prevent oxidative damage, Almonds, hazlenuts and sunflower oils are rich in Vitamin E, 3 3.

Add Selenium, rich foods to your diet. Selenium can protect your skin from sun damage and age spots. Foods rich in Selenium are broccoli and brazil. Nuts, 4 4 Consume water and keep yourself hydrated. It is very important to keep your skin moisturized.

Even a mild dehydration can cause decolorization of your skin. Make sure that you drink you drink water whenever you are thirsty In one way, your skin is also acts, as the indicator of your inner health Studies show that your skin health can psychologically give you confidence, Hence maintain your skin properly and follow the suggested techniques to Remove the unevenness from your skin and glow forever

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