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Do you know what it takes to be successful in your online coaching or healing business this year? What’s up? This is Meliss and welcome back to the channel. I’m here with the info you need to get the results you want because today I’m about to share with you my exact three-ingredient recipe  that you need to be successful in your online coaching or healing business this year. 

This is the recipe that I’ve been following for years to help me make multiple six figures all online and  when you stay until the end I’m gonna give you my budget calculator which is a really cool resource  that’s going to help you out so you know just how much money you really need to make and the  results you get from that may actually surprise you, but first if you’re new here hello hello  I’m Meliss Jakubovic and I’m an online marketing strategist and business growth expert to coaches and healers.

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My whole channel is About marketing, online coaching business, mindset, and manifestation.

The first ingredient in the recipe of success is your mindset.

Hit that subscribe button and join the family so you can grow a profitable online business. Now, let’s get into it. The first ingredient in the recipe of success is your mindset. Mindset so important!

Have you ever heard the saying from Henry Ford that says, “Whether you think you can  or you think you can’t you’re right.” Basically, whatever we think for ourselves is what we can  attract and that’s the potential that we can hit so if you feel like you can then you’re going to  hit the potential of yes I can do this and if you feel like you can’t well your potential is  down in the dumps. So he was right about that but when it comes to online business your  mindset is so important. 

The entrepreneurs that I surround myself with have this uplifting personality where if something  knocks them down they can easily get back up.

If you don’t practice that every single day, then when  things go wrong, and there will be things that go wrong, you’re gonna get stuck at the bottom  and you’re gonna stay there and your mind is gonna spiral into this negativity and it’s going to make  you feel like why am I doing this why did I start this is this really for me am I really good enough  and you’re going to suffer from that imposter syndrome and it’s going to be harder to get  yourself out of it. So we practice mindset every single day and that’s what I teach my clients to do. So what I want to start with is my affirmation deck.

Second Tip Of Success Is Spiritual Entrepreneur Affirmation

The Spiritual  Entrepreneur’s Affirmation deck and when I pull a card every single morning it gets me energized it  makes me feel like I’m on top of the world or this is the intention that I am setting today  and every time someone pulls a card from here they say, “Wow!

That’s exactly what I needed to hear.” and  that’s the whole point you pull a card and exactly what comes out is exactly what you need to hear. So let’s do it! Now this is an affirmation deck that I created The Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Affirmation  deck you can get it on my website I use it every single day and I’ll link that in the description  down below so shuffle a card I like to shuffle the deck a few times a few different ways if a  card falls out that’s the card that I need but if a card doesn’t fall out and I will usually just  pull whatever’s on top but you could do it however you want you can spread it out and pick whatever  card you want.

The card I got today is, “I lead with service and the money follows.

” and what I like to  do with these cards is I got one of these plastic picture frames from the drugstore. I dropped that  card right in there slide it in and voila! I can look at it all day long and it keeps you really  energized and it reminds me that when things aren’t going my way mindset is really important. 

They’re all  over the mirrors in the bathrooms in my house they’re on every white board, there’s sticky  notes everywhere, and that’s why I created my own affirmation deck. So affirmations is a great way to  stay on top of your mindset. Now another great way to stay on top of your mindset is visualization.  Visualization is where you can close your eyes and you can think about what is to come. What is on its way to you?

So I want you to close your eyes right now and I want you to  sit up nice and tall.

Relax your shoulders so if you don’t know how to relax your shoulders  you can bring them up to your ears roll them back and think about your rib cages in the back linking  and then drop them down and I like to sit up nice and tall and imagine that  there is a string coming from the roof of my head the crown of my head lifting me  up and there’s another cord from my tailbone pulling me down into the center core of the  earth so I’ve elongated my spine I’ve closed my eyes and let’s take a deep breath together on exhale doesn’t just that feel amazing now keep your eyes closed and I want you to envision  the person that you want to become what does that look like for you?

Thrid Success is Visualizing That Future Vision

Maybe you own an online coaching  business or an online healing business or maybe you’re a service provider, you provide a service  to someone who do you want to be that serves those people? So you’re visualizing that future version  of yourself so you’ll sit here and you’ll say not what I am today like oh maybe I don’t know how  much you make a month maybe you make five thousand dollars a month you’re not going to say, “Oh, I’m an  entrepreneur and I make five thousand dollars a month.” Maybe your goal is to hit twenty thousand  dollars a month so you’re gonna sit here and visualize what that looks like.

I’m an entrepreneur  that makes twenty thousand dollars a month. Now there might be a disconnect between who you are  today and where your goal is of who you want to be so the point of this visualization is to create a  bridge to fill that gap that’s going to make you pop into that future version of yourself and so I  want you to think about in this visualization who is that person that you need to become in order to  serve those clients at that high level for you to reach those income goals and maybe you don’t have  income goals maybe you have a goal of how many people you want to reach for example maybe you  want to serve a hundred thousand people or a thousand people or a hundred people. 

This is all mindset because  you can tap into this at any time. That means that at any time of the day when you’re feeling bad,  when you’re feeling good, when it’s raining, when it’s not, you could say I’m gonna sit down I’m  gonna close my eyes and I’m gonna visualize that future version of myself who I need to become and  it’s going to recreate that excitement that’s then going to re-energize and then attract and you can  always tap into that energy and it’s going to pull you out of that negative space.

So visualization really important. Another thing, I consider part of your mindset is charging for your services. Now you might think, “Meliss that’s not mindset.” Haha, It really is mindset because what you charge for your  services is dependent upon what you value your service to be and what you value your service  to be is based on what you think that should be. Think – that’s your mindset.

So when it comes to charging your services you want to be totally in alignment with who you are, who you are becoming, and who you want to serve.

So if you’re charging an amount right now that doesn’t feel right, like 250 dollars an hour, let’s say and you’re showing up for your clients at a rate that’s lower than  you value your services there’s going to be a misalignment there. It’s going to be misfiring  and you’re going to say to yourself, “ugh, I have to do that.  I don’t  want to get out of bed today.

I don’t want to do that. or If you have a different difficult  client that might drain your energy a whole lot more so you want to be able to charge something  that makes you feel excited and energized to go out and serve the world.

So you’re excited to get  out of bed, you’re excited to help your clients, you can’t wait for that next meeting, and if you’re not  excited about it then you need to think about what is the value of your service to charge what you’re  worth is it saying that you yourself is worth an amount of money because we’re invaluable but it is  to say that the value that your service brings to that person so that person can solve their problem  have a transformation that’s really valuable and you need to market your service at the rate that’s  going to make you feel really good about serving that person.

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The Forth ingredient in my recipe for success is planning slash strategy

Okay, let’s hop back in.  The Forth ingredient in my recipe for success is planning slash strategy, two things in one.  Have you ever heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin that says,”By failing to prepare you are preparing  to fail.” that is so true with everything we do. I mean just setting up the sound and lighting  and video equipment for this video, took me over an hour and a half, I had to know which  lights to bring, I needed to know which wires I needed to hook up, I needed to know all the  things to set everything up.

When I move things from room to room, I need to know which outfits  I’m going to wear or which things I’m going to have around which pillows the color scheme  am I going to match, all of these things and that’s just sitting here to have a video. What about when it comes to running your business? Planning and strategy is a key ingredient in  running your business successfully. You can’t just show up and hope for the best. Now if you’re very  much in the feminine energy you’re going to feel that that’s the best way to run a business.

 The art of allowing, it will come to me it will all work out and that’s great I love that stuff and  I’m very much in the feminine energy, but planning and strategy is very much in the masculine energy  and if you are not in your masculine energy your business will not succeed.

The Fifth Recipe Be Balanced and Feminine and Masculine Energy Together

Your business needs to  be balanced and feminine and masculine energy together. So planning and strategy is where you  can come be prepared and really know what’s going to happen and it’s a great way to create a roadmap that you can follow so that you have success to reach the goals that you have in your business. A great example of this is knowing how much you want to make. If you just say I started a  business if I get a client, I get a client that might be good for starters but at some point  if you want to grow or scale your business you want to be able to know exactly how much money  you want to make each year and by knowing how much money you want to make each year you can  then go backwards, reverse engineer it.

How much money do I need to make each month to hit that  yearly goal, and you can even go lower than that okay this is how much I want to make each month  how much do I want to make each week? So in order to set up your plan you need to understand how much you want to make and then you create the plan to get there.

So part one is figuring out  how much you want and part two is figuring out step A B C D E F G and so on and so forth. That train is loud. The train is loud, the train going by is loud, the train going by is loud.

The train going by is loud. Okay, so let’s say you want to make a plan but you’re not sure what that number should be well  good thing you asked because knowing your budget is going to help you be able to understand what  you need to do to create the plan. You can’t have a plan if you don’t know the numbers and you can’t  know the numbers if you don’t know your budget. If you want me to share my budget calculator with you  comment below right now with the word “BUDGET” and when I’m done going through the recipe I’ll show  you how to use it best. So once you’re done with your budget, now you can create your marketing  strategy based off of that.

Tip # 6: Budget Both Your Personal and Business

See it all is related, that’s why we have to do the planning and then we  can create the strategy it’s all related to your goals to how many clients you have the whole thing is really related and before you do that you have to understand your budget both your personal budget and your business budget. So I’ll walk you through that at the end of this video  just comment budget down below and then from there we can create the marketing strategy that  you need to get that amount of clients in the door to hit those revenue goals.  It’s all about clarity. You have to have the clarity to understand what your next step is so that you can reach those goals. It’s Clarity and Direction.

Tip #7 Recipe For Success is Action

The seveth ingredient in the recipe for success is action. You have to  take action! You can get your mind set in check everything is going to be amazing, you’re feeling  on top of the world,, you can plan everything out and have this strategy in place and then if you  go watch them Netflix or TV or scroll TikTok nothing’s happening.

The action is how you execute the strategy so the three main parts of your action are, number one  your content.

Believe it or not no matter what business you’re in you need to think in terms  of content, you need to be able to put excellent content out into the world which is going to  attract your target market to you and those people that you’re dying to work with are going to be  knocking on your door dying to work with you as well. You also need to have your back-end systems  in order. That means that the systems have to be in place that you can take action on those systems.  Otherwise, what are we taking action on? You’re not going to know what those action steps are.

So building systems in your business and then working those systems are the action steps that you need to run your business smoothly. and the last part of action is action, and action, and more action, and more action. That’s called consistency. Showing up again and again even on days when you don’t want to  or having a plan in place so that it appears that you’re showing up on days that you don’t want to.  And doing it again and again and again things don’t grow when you do them once in a while.

Things grow when you can water them, you can nurture them you can come back, again and again.

It’s just like raising a child. You can’t raise the child once in a while. It’s consistency. Every single day, you wake up, you dress the child, you change the child ,you feed the child, eventually they grow and you do  other things for them, but every single day you’re doing that so think of your business as your baby.

  Your baby needs to be nurtured every single day, in different ways, and as it grows in different  capacities but you have to do it consistently every single day and that is your action step.  Now earlier in the video, I told you that I would share my budget calculator with you,  so I’m going to walk you through that right now. Okay so once you download my budget calculator you’re going to come to this page and down here it says start here so you’ll know that you’re in the right  place then you just follow the prompts that are in this speech bubble which says number one click  on the file drop down menu above and select make a copy, so you’d click file make a copy.  And then it says, step two rename the document and make it something you’ll remember.

So that’s  where you’ll rename it here.

Click the star at the top right of your browser to bookmark it  that works if you’re on Chrome, so you’ll bookmark it here with the star and then you’ll move to the  business tab below to get started which is right down here. Now I want to show you here that when  you click on this you will have access to an instructional video that you can play side by  side while you are going through this calculator it’s going to make it very clear for you I know  sometimes numbers can get very overwhelming and confusing so you can watch this video and pause  it as you’re going through to make sure you’re not missing a thing.

Then you click on business.  that’s going to take you to the business calculator now I know that numbers can  sometimes freak people out so I put some nice plants here to make you feel a little bit more  calm and relaxed as you go through this but this is going to calculate all of the income that you  have and all of your expenses and I’ve also left spaces here for you to put in other expenses  as well and then it’s going to calculate your personal take-home pay. Now as you’ll notice here  your personal take-home pay is going to transfer over to the next tab which is personal and you’ll  find it right up here.

So this is your personal tab again with beautiful lavender and over here  you’ll calculate all of your income and all of your expenses you can also change these to be  different things if these don’t apply to you and you can add your own things here and that’s how  many remaining funds you have over here again we go through monthly and annual and if you go back  to the start here tab you can see everything here at a glance.

So to recap the three ingredients that  you need for your recipe to success: are mindset, planning, and strategy and action  All right so now that you know the three ingredients for the recipe to success I am going to challenge you  to take some action right now. And imperfect action is better than inaction. So get to it. Go ahead and click this next video about my ultimate pricing formula so you’ll know just how much to charge.


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