Anti Aging Secret Exposed

Today, I will show you how to delay aging by consuming the most anti-aging food on the planet. If you’d like to know more, please keep watching. Hi, I’m Schellea, and this is fabulous 50s. There’s a new article, and they’ll all relate to you. I have been so excited to share this with you today because I’ve been experimenting with the research from dr. Rhonda, Patrick, and dr. Rhonda.

Look Younger by Consume An Apple

Anti Aging Secret #1: Broccoli Sprouts

Studies have shown that no other plant on the planet, too,”     can do as much for reducing inflammation as the self-urethane in broccoli sprouts. So it’s been shown to increase brain function and help detoxify our body to be potent cancer.

I’ve been doing a test for myself, just a little experiment. Every day for three months, I’ve been taking Sulforaphane, and I have noticed a difference inside of my body. It’s when I first started taking it.

It felt like things were churning up a little bit and moving things quite quickly through my body, and I know from the research, because it’s so in-depth, that this is something that we should all be doing. After all, it’s affordable, and it’s natural. And it’s easiest to lay out the aging process. So how great is that for women of our age?

So you have to make sure that you’re conscious of chewing it. Another thing that dr Rhonda discovered was when you freeze a softer of fame, it becomes far more active and does a lot more work, so I’ve been doing that as well.

And although it’s not, oh, my god, that made such a difference immediately, you do notice it after a while, but when you do it frozen for me anyway, I noticed a difference straight away, he’s okay. So I’d like to give you a quick demonstration of how to make this. It’s so easy, you won’t believe it, and this is my garden.

It’s an inside garden and the only thing I can grow. You have a jar with a lid, and the tops got little holes in them.

Anti Aging Secret #2: Add More Water

Are you tip out the water like that, and you water them? That is the level of difficulty. Everybody can do this, so you water it, and then you tip the water out and leave it without the water, and then leave it like this for the rest of the day, and before you go to bed at night, you do it exactly. The same thing you add more water, rinse it out straightaway and then leave it overnight, come back the next morning, and repeat that process for about four or five days. Then, you can put it in something to catch the dripping water overnight.

Otherwise, it’ll go all over your bench, so with these, I’ll end it up against the back of my wall with a tea towel underneath to collect the moisture, and these have a little stand, so always leave something underneath to catch the water and just another.

Secret #3: Use Organic Seed

Quick tip, I always use organic seeds because you don’t want germs that have toxins over them, so choose organic if you can. I’ll leave some links down below where you can buy them, and these are at the end of day four, and they’re so good, they’re so healthy, and I’m going to show you you take the lid off and you pull them out.

It’s so good because you’ve made this yourself, and then you put it in your body, and it will defy anti-aging. How amazing is that that it’s this easy?

So my husband and I would eat this in a day or a half, and then, if you freeze it, you would reduce that amount. So I’ll put this in a container in the fridge and use it as I like, and then when I’m finished, I’ll rinse these out and start this whole process again, and I’ve always got this fantastic anti-aging food. That’s going to delay my aging on tap! It’s the easiest thing you will ever do, and I’d love to know if any of you have been using this.

What are your results? What have you found? Please let me know if you’re going to try this. I’m so excited that I now know about broccoli sprouts. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about why they’re so important; if you did enjoy this, please give a thumbs up and share this with any of your friends in our age group who would also like to delay the aging process. Thank you. So much for watching, and have a beautiful week.

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