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Hello friends. Today I bring a new business idea for you in this article. I will tell you about that idea: You do not have to”      take the tension of selling the product after production Because the goods you manufacture are directly purchased by the company, not even these friends. The company has the machine available to you on EMI. So friends, let’s see today’s business idea: [, MUSIC, ], So friends, today I came to Royal Legend Enterprise.

So let’s meet to get all the information about this business idea -Hello, Sir -Hello, Sir. Firstly, please tell us your name and then tell us about your company and business idea. Sir. My name is JK Saxena. My company name is Royal Legend Enterprises, and I am located in Anandi Pune; our company manufactures pens and pencils, and I also manufacture my products for my customers.

In the buyback system, the customer either sells it to me or can sell it to a direct consumer.

If the customer wants, they can sell the products directly to the customer, or he can also sell them to me. That means that they give back the product to you. Our company has a buy-back option, which does not mean you only have to sell your product to our company. You can do both the work. You can directly sell it or sell it to the company, So our company has a buyback option. When someone starts a new business idea, he will have a poor market so that he can sell it to you, and when they establish their need, then sell their product into the market.

There is an agreement for three years of buyback where you register with our company. That means there is a legal agreement in which he must only sell their product to the company. If someone supplies a product to us, they receive the payment from our company. After 15 days, There are two ways: one is in 15 days, or the other is one month, so if you can receive the payment, either in 15 days or in 1 month.

So this is the system that they receive the payment after 15 days of receiving the material. So in 15 days, the customs inner gets the raw material from your company. Then he manufactured it in his home. Then he supplies the finished goods to you. So there is also a system of purchasing raw materials.

The price of our raw material is Rs. 3.60/Piece, And they earn Rs 0.80/piece; we repurchase it for Rs 4.40/piece.

That means the cost of the raw material is Rs 3.60/piece -And we buy back the finished goods for Rs 4.40/piece -Okay. So that means they earn a profit of Rs 0.80/report And the raw material contains two types of materials.

One is a pencil, and the other is a powder; it contains pencil powder or gum; you can either use your gum Or you can use ready, made gum, and the customers have to purchase the gum, used So get it for Rs. 3.60/Piece by the company And buy back for Rs 4.40/piece, and the customer earns Rs 0.80/piece Rs 0.

0/piece. So, let’s show us a live demo of the machine through which our viewers learn how to make the velvet pencil, and later we see that you can sell the product by packaging your brand. So let’s see the live demo. See friends. This stands. You first need a stand to make a velvet pencil. The stand contains four holes, so you can make up to 4 pencils at a time.

With the help of the stand. The pencil you fix in the hole will be ready in 30 seconds. It takes 30. Second, you select either 1 or 4 pencils at a time. That is all the pencils you put in.

It will be ready in 30 seconds.

Running Business idea Out of Office

So, friends, let me tell you how we fix pencils into the stand. Firstly, you have to hold the pencil from the bottom, put the base into the hole, and then round it, and now the pencil is fixed. So this is how to improve the pencils; see, friends, I already set the pencils on the stand. Four pencils together.

Now, I’d like to tell you how we do the coating. The first thing is that, After putting the pencils on the stand, we use gum. Apply gum with the brush, or you can try your way to apply gum; now I will show you by applying gum throughout the meeting; see friends. We use the gum like this. The gum Should be thick enough and thick enough. That means the gum should be regular.

In this way, your coating is good; if the gum is not applied well, your layer will not be good. Then your material will be rejected. And please accept your goods. I will later tell you about the reject system, but firstly, let me show you to make it; as you can see, my way of applying gum; the better you use the gum, the better the coating will be, and if you do not apply the gum correctly, the Coating will not be well. So the main thing in this is using the gum.

So if you apply the gum correctly, the coating will also improve. See. Friends, I have used gum on all 4, the pencils I have applied gum on all 4. The pencils – And this is the velvet chamber – and now we put it And now we fix it here – Then we close it And now we switch on the machine from here See friends, it starts counting, and here the velvet coating starts to see. Friends. Velvet is a coating on the pencil. Could you look here?

It is zero, as I mentioned earlier when I close it and switch on the machine. Thirty seconds was visible here, And now when it is completed, it becomes zero, and now the pencils are ready.

Small Business Idea From Home

I showed you by applying gum on four pencils earlier And seeing how soft it is, and now we leave it for half an hour, Leave it for at least half an hour After that, clean it and after cleaning The pencils. Could you look like this?

The pencils look like this, and the extra powder will be removed, and you can reuse the powder for coating. In this way, your pencil will be ready. But if your pencil goes bad, Suppose your pencil gets rejected due to lack of gum or coating. Do you know how you can use it? What is the way to reuse it? Leave the pencil for 10-15 minutes in the water And then wash it with your hand, Your old coating will be removed, and then you reuse it, And this is the way to reuse it. So friends, as you can see, you the Velvet Pencil Making Machine you even purchase from here and the raw material used in this business idea, Then you also buy it from Royal Legend Enterprise.

Then the total price of the machine on EMI is Rs: 85,500 Rs 85,500. So the down payment for the device is Rs 45,500, And the left amount, i.e., Rs 40,000. So you have to pay it in 5 EMI.

That means you have to pay an EMI of Rs 8,000. For five months, when you pay to spend EMIs and get the no dues letter from the company, you get the agreement for three yearsthreeSo that you can sell your product directly to the customers or sell it to the company. Also So, this is the process of EMI. You can also purchase the machine on EMI. So you get the device on EMI with a down payment of Rs 45,0,00, And you can also pay the left amount every month.

Or you can start a business idea or earn a good profit,r friends.  So f, friends, I hope that you like the video, then like the video And also share this video on Twitter because someone gets a good idea through yoyourhare. So friends, let’s meet in a new video with a unique view.

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