Beauty Tips with Penn

– You are already so the couple. Etty
before you started this. – Awwww, you love me. It’s
our anniversary soon. (muffled laughter) – I got a little bit of
the taste in my mouth. – It’s so gross. – It tastes like battery acid! (Voiceover) It’s Beauty Tips With Penn! – Champagne time, girls! This calls for another Martini. (Laughter) (Grunting in pain) I don’t even want to go there.

Beauty Tips #1

(Grunting in pain) Beauty is exhausting! (Grunting) Best friends forever! – This is a special edition
of Beauty Tips With Penn – Why is it unique? – Because I’m joining you – Why are you joining me? – Because I want to try this thing I bought online. – You made me do some stuff lately – There was the eyebrow threading (Penn groaning) (Penn laughs) – And then there was the facial cupping (Kim laughs) – And then there was the
weird, black death mask (Penn yelling in pain) – You even got a blowout! (Penn laughing) – I can’t.

I can’t even look at him! – We made a pact. I didn’t
want to do it alone because it looked creepy. – Okay. So there is
something called Hana cure, and they put it on this
older gentleman’s face, and he went from, you know,
looking like an older gentleman, to looking like a– – Right – Ready? – Yeah, let’s do it. – Okay, so we need to take a before – Okay, if we are going to
take a before, let’s look bad. Cause that’s like part of it. Ready? That’s not fair.
We should do a regular one. – Okay. Ready? – One…two…three (High pitch chime) Alright, this has a gelling solution, an abrasive liquid. – You pour in this, close
it up, and shake it. (Tango music) You have to hold your breath. – Okay, I’ve used all of it. – Now, we wait thirty minutes.

Beauty Tips #2

We’re going to look so different! What if we come out of this
and we’re unrecognizable? (Slow, waiting for music) – Oh my gosh, I’m
feeling it around my mouth. – ♪She’s a maniac, maniac ♪ It feels like, do you ever
put Elmer’s glue on your hands (Penn laughs) when you were in elementary
school and then peel it off? – Is this right? It feels so gross. It’s starting to discolor. – Is it pulling your eye down? Or is your eye always like that – You look pretty standard right now. – I think my face has
more skin to deal with, so it’s taking longer. – Maybe. I look like, do you watch Dexter? When cover, when he’s
about to murder someone, they cover with saran wrap. – Totally. – And the face is all pulled
back and shiny. And he’s like (heavy, muffled breathing) (Kim laughs) – I can’t laugh, or it will crack. (Upbeat, waiting music) – So, what are you feeling right now? – It feels very tight. Oh my gosh! – What? – I look so weird.

– Yeah. Which part, me or you? – You (laughter) – I can’t smile when laughing. – Is that your real laugh? – No! But I can’t move my face, so it’s…getting everywhere. – You sound like an evil
Santa Claus when you can’t open your mouth a lot. Oh my god, my face hurts so bad to talk. – Really? So it’s getting there? We’re getting to the painful part. I do look 600 times worse
than you. Can we explain why? – I don’t know why. I think I
have more face than you. (laughter) – Am I ever going to go back to normal? – No.

Beauty Tips #3

– I look like the surface of Mars. Why does it look so much worse on me? – You also are tanner than me. – Definitely, Kim is the pretty
one, and this is not helping. You know, this is Beauty and the Beast. ♪It tale as old as time… ♪ Hang on! – Don’t make me laugh! (Recorder version of
♪Beauty and the Beast) (clapping) – If I didn’t love you
before, I’d love you now. You’re starting to look
a little busted on the side. Turn that sideways, let’s…okay. Good. Oh man, no, that’s the wrong side! Whoa! One of my eyes
is significantly more significant than the other.

– Really? – Five minutes left. I
am officially miserable! – I would like to see a considerable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
Why do we do this to ourselves? I want things to go like this, and I feel like everything is going – I feel like everything
is going (growling). You were already so pretty
before we started this. – Awww, you love me. It’s
our anniversary soon. (laughter) – I got a little bit of
the taste in my mouth! – It’s so gross! – It tastes like battery acid! I want to stop. I want to
stop early. I started early. Can I stop early? I want to stop. – No, no, you got three more minutes. Doesn’t it look like one
of my eyes is much more significant? It’s like doing– – Yeah! Oh yeah. That one
is going down a little bit, and that one is going up! – So, basically, I now look
like Sloth from the Goonies. Can we do a picture and
a picture of Sloth and me? (mimicking Sloth) Baby Ruth? (laughter) Oh my god, your laugh is so

Beauty Tips #4

It’s so terrible. – Okay screenshot of me and
Ben from Fantastic Four. The guy whose face looks
like scorched Earth. I’m going to go save
people! (Roaring noise) I’m the dude from the shield. One minute left. Alright,
we’ll get to wash this stuff off of our faces. (screams) Wait. It’s
way worse on the iPhone. – Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. – Why aren’t–we should
be using this more. – Yeah. So. We have
one minute left, guys. Could you look over what is happening
here? It’s like pocky.

– Oh wow! – Look what’s happening to one eye here. (laughing) Oh my gosh. – Okay, can we take this stuff off now? – Okay, it has been…oh
my god, look at this! – Low angle. – Hi guys. – Oh my gosh, the low angle was the worst. Wait, come back down here! (laughing) Alright, are you guys ready
to see the results? (Water running) (Penn) Better? Oh, Praise the Lord. (Penn) So after all that work
and feeling terrible, we look (drum roll) – A little redder because
we just scrubbed our face. Ready? I think we should do the
after. One, two, three. (Chiming music) – It really does– – I don’t know. Let me see
your face.

You might look a little, oh, it’s long hair. – Is it mine? – Yes. I don’t know, it
It looks very smooth. Maybe. – Does it? – I don’t know. What do you think about me? – You look the same. – Okay. – Except you got some crusty stuff. – Except I have crusty stuff. – Can you please comment below because maybe we are colorblind? Do we look different, better, or worse? – I don’t see any difference. – It hurts. My face hurts. Still. Is that part of the experience for us? – Yeah. – Okay. – Okay, thanks for watching this edition of Beauty Tips With Penn. Do you have any other beauty tips you would like Penn to try? – Please don’t. – Please do. – Don’t. – Do.

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